Early 19th century Guitar - 1790 /1840 -


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Herman plays his concerts on an authentic ‘Petitjean L'Ainé’ early 19th century guitar built in 

Mirecourt . +/- 1820 France and/or on a nice replica of a Luis Panormo guitar,1835 Spanish 

style. The Sicilian Panormo family was known for their excellent copies of Stradivarius violins 

and wonderful guitars. Luis Panormo’s shop was based in London.

His fascination for instrumental virtuosity, dynamism and emotion made for the development of

his personal technique. Creativeness stems from the discovery of richness of sound, a sound 

quality in which new frontiers are being explored.

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An Italian story!

The earliest six single string guitar was created the end of the 18th century.

Moretti's first six string guitar method appeared, in 1792 (Italian). France also started 

producing six, single-stringed guitars around the same time, and some years later Spain 

began as well. Strings where made from gut and the bases from silver wounded silk with a 

much lower tension than for guitars today.

The guitar gradually had more pronounced curves and a larger body, decorative rose 

covering. The sound hole was also removed to allow for more volume. Frets of the instrument 

were changed from tied gut to fixed strips (first ebony or ivory, then metal). And the wooden 

pegs were later on replaced by metal tuning machines.

Unlike most classical guitarists today romantic guitars were often also held by a strap around 

the player’s neck, players were divided as whether or not to use fingernails. Also the use of 

the right hand differs from the modern classical guitar techniques still more lute like.

The modern guitar is bass-dominant, at the expense of balance. The early 19th century guitar 

was very well balanced, a smaller instrument with a mellow tone.

Amongst 19th century composers and players  are:  Fernando Sor , Ferdinando Carulli , 

Matteo Carcassi, Mauro Guiliani, Francesco Molino, Luigi Legnani ..........

 Luis Panormo replica made by Scot Tremblay                                                                                                                                     (Victoria CA)

Petitjean L'Ainé +/- 1820

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